Sunday, May 16, 2010

Moving Forward

We are moving forward in the TTC process, last week I had an appointment with my OBGYN. She has ordered a bunch of tests and we'll formulate a plan when everything comes back. Saturday I went for my blood work for the PCOS panel including the Glucose Tol Test. I had some of my results back I'd like your opinions on the 1hr glucose test my numbers dropped and I'm kinda worried about that. These were drawn on CD12.

Fasting Glucose - 87
Fasting Insulin - 14

1hr Glucose - 66 and has a L next to it does this mean it's low?
1hr Insulin - 13.8 and has a L next to it does this mean it's low?

2hr Glucose - 96
2hr Insulin - 51.9

TSH  - 1.84 FSH - 5.3 and LH - 18.9 Prolactin 11.6 Estradiol 200

I am waiting for my sex hormone and Testosterone. 

Tomorrow DH has his SA test and he's kinda nervous about it. It took me a while to even get him to make an appointment but after a few days of procrastinating he booked it for tomorrow. I'm going with him as he wanted me there, think he's rather nervous about it.

Guess what another one of my friends is PG so I'm going to have 2 friends close by going through pregnancies.  Please can I be next, please!!


WiseGuy said...

Hey Nat, I can't help you interpret the numbers...but I sure hope your doc comes out with a foolproof protocol for you, and I wish God read the last line of your post.

Kelli said...

I honestly don't know about how they measure/interpret the GTT but for normal, everyday glucose (not insulin) monitoring, this is what I have to check/record daily because of GD:

Fasting blood sugar: under 90-100 is normal.

1 hour after eating: under 130 is normal.

2 hours after eating: under 120 is normal.

Like I said, THIS IS JUST ME, but your numbers look pretty normal if they're using the same 'scale'. But who knows?? I'm sure your doc will clarify everything for you.

And FYI, my PCOS panel and first GTT came back completely normal and I went nearly 3 YEARS without being diagnosed (by 3 different doctors)! It took a new doctor, several ultrasounds and an HSG to actually look at my ovaries before I was diagnosed b/c the bloodwork can be misleading. Sounds, though, like your doc is on top of things and you're WAY more informed about things than I was when I started this journey. Be your own advocate...I wasn't for the longest time and seriously regret that.

And yes, sweet girl, I PRAY that you're next in the pregnancy line! HUGS! :)

A Decade of BFNs said...

Just stopping by to wish you luck. I have PCOS as well.