Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I'm sitting here with tears running down my cheeks. DH Semen Analysis came back abnormal. His % of normal sperm cells were only 3% which should be %15. Agglutination he has a mild form of and his Viscosity is 2 which it should be 3 to 4. At this rate we'll be lucky to conceive naturally. Right now all I want to do is curl up and cry for hours and hours. It's not fair, it's hard enough with me just having issues why does DH have to have issues also. I can't take this, why me? why him? why us? :-(


Justina said...

Oh Natalie, I'm so, SO sorry. What a devasting thing to deal with. It all just seems SO unfair some days.
Are they going to do more tests? Is there any meds that they can give him? I've heard of a couple of guys taking a natural med that seemed to help them. I'll see if I can find the name of it for you.
Sending you huge hugs. I'll be thinking of you.

Lynn said...

Oh, hun =( I'm so sorry the SA came back abnormal. Are they planning to do another one at a later date? These things change with time and stress levels. Also, as Justina pointed out, there are meds that can be taken to help with this. I'll be crossing fingers that you get some positive news very soon. Hugs to you and C!

Anonymous said...

My DH had multiple SAs with subpar results. I bought him Fertility Blend for Men vitamins (no I am not a spokesperson, I swear). Our RE NEVER gave us any recommendation on taking vitamins, but after 6 months we conceived naturally after being told we had < 1% chance. Best wishes to you!