Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Things Happen for a Reason

Today has been such an emotional day, it started out with AF arriving. I was so disappointed seeming I had such a huge temp spike yesterday. I am glad however that I am getting AF regularly every month it shows that my body is working right now and it must mean that I'm ovulating regularly.

This afternoon I get a call from a Graphic company I interviewed last week. Looking back I feel I answered some questions wrong. But guess what? I got the job!! I am so excited and can't believe it. I'm hoping our luck is turning around.

I am nervous though starting a new job. I do want some people's opinions though do you all think we should continue with TTC right now? Money won't be a problem seeming I'll have a nice new job, but I worry if I become PG before Clay get's a job. Again it's what ifs? I just wanted some opinions on the matter.


Kelli said...

Hi! I've been wondering how you were doing. :) Your posts haven't been showing up in my reader for some reason, so I just assumed that you were taking a blogging break. I have to get that fixed, stat!

First, thanks for stopping in. Things are going quite well...we have about 13.5 weeks to go (HOLY CRAP! That's scary when I think about it like that!) and it's been as uneventful as a 'higher risk' pregnancy can be to this point. We're hopeful that it will remain that way, too. You're so sweet to check up on us...thanks a lot!

Now, instead of going back and commenting on everything that I missed, I'm just going to put some thoughts down here...hope you don't mind.

CONGRATS on your new job!! That is wonderful news! I hope that you love it and it's a perfect fit.

I know that that heifer, AF, is a constant reminder that you're not expecting but it is good to know that your body is working as it should. What do the docs say? As for continuing TTC with this new job, you have to do what feels right for you and Clay.

PERSONALLY, I wouldn't stop TTC. Knowing the struggles we face as IFers, the timeline at stake and the risks that we take getting pregnant and STAYING pregnant, I would be hesitant to lose anytime. THAT'S JUST MY OPINION, of coures...take it or leave it. :) It may not jive with the way you guys feel or your personal TTC timeline. You know what I mean? That said, the time that we HAD to take off from TTC (doc's orders to lose weight and get my PCOS under control) were the hardest but most rewarding months of my life. I had to chose to make the most of them, to get myself in a better place and regroup mentally and physically for TTC when we got the green light. You know what happened then. ;) That may be more in line with what you and Clay feel...IDK. Whatever you decide, I know you'll go with your heart and it will be the perfect decision for you. :)

It so good to hear from you...I'll get your posts in my reader again, somehow, and we'll catch up. Glad to know that things are looking up for you. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers, sweet friend! Hugs!

meggo said...

Hi Natalie!!!! Super congrats on the job! I know you and your DH have been having a really tough time in this economy, and it is so great to see things looking up, finally!

Ok, the TTC question. You know ultimately this is a decision only you and your DH can make. There are no blanket right or wrong answers here. Only you and DH know what is right for YOUR family.

Having said that, I can tell you what I would do in your situation. We probably wouldn't TTC again until DH got a job. DH has been out of the job many months already (almost a year?). The hope is that he will get a job SOON, but there are no guarantees. Who's to say unemployment will not persist for several more months (God forbid). If we were to get pregnant in this situation, the pressure would be on DH PRONTO to find a job--- which is more pressure and stress in an already intrinsically stressful situation--- and what if he doesn't find a job, God forbid, by the time the baby is born? I don't know that paid leave from my new job would kick in since I've been employed for under a year ... barring govt programs, those first few weeks would be unpaid. If DH stays home with the baby, at least there is one income coming in, but that ties him up from finding a job. If I stay home, then we are without two incomes until DH finds a job. At best, there would be one income to support us and a new baby. It could get really dicey. Yes, we'd make it somehow, but how much stress and hardship shall we bear along the way? There would be too many variables for us to be comfortable with TTC in this context.

But like I said, this is ME and MY DH. Some other to factors to considers are your post-partum employment plans, if any, the breadth of your savings account, if any, and the availability of family and friends to financially assist you. This is such a tough decision. Time hates to wait for a yearning heart.

Justina said...

Congrats on the new job!! That's very exciting news!
As for TTC, there have been times when I've been out of work but we've still continued to TTC because I know how messed up my body is and how long it actually does take me to get pregnant. But like the other ladies said, it's something that YOU have to feel comfortable with. I wish you the best in your decision.
And I'm so happy to finally be able to see your posts in my reader!

Lynn said...

Oh, Nat! I'm so happy for you! Well done on getting the job - that's excellent news! Sorry tho that AF showed up to rain on your parade.

As for the question of TTC or pause, that's really only a question you and Clayton can answer for yourselves. I would say to give it some thought. On the one hand, you don't risk having a pregnancy when Clayton is still job hunting, however, on the other hand, you lose time you could be TTC. You know the choice I made (fat lot of good it did me!), but that was what was best for us. I hope you find a course of action that works best for you!

[cre] said...

congrats on the new job! I personally wouldn't stop ttc (I'm actually in the process of finding a new job). Time is very precious!

Good luck and congratulations!!
Oh, and I'm so sorry AF arrived. I'm so wishing it would for me so I can get started with my next cycle (I'm on the bench)

WiseGuy said...

So happy to hear that you have a new job.

Don't worry about the what-ifs...they are perpetual in the life of an IFer. Continue on the TTC path, and take life as it comes...

All the best!