Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Opinions Please

Just wanted to get a quick opinion from you ladies. FF is bouncing between CD15 - CD16 - CD19 for O day. I took away my positive opk on CD16 and it changed it back to 15. But in your opinion which day looks more like O day? I thought it looked more like CD15 or CD19. If I take out all my positive opks then it changes my crosshairs to cd19.

It makes more sense for it to be CD19 as I Od CD20 last month, but if it is CD19 then I'm bummed cause we didn't bed then, seeming it looked like I Od CD15 the last time we bd was CD17 lets hope the little guys lasted that long, I think they can last 48hrs right?


meggo said...

Gosh, Natalie, I don't know... Tough chart! I think it could be CD 19, IMO, but I have my doubts. Are you pretty consistent when you temp? Environment, blankets, and time of day all the same? Vaginally or Oral? (I have better luck vaginally). Swimmers can actually last up to five days, so really a CD 19 O would still keep you in the game. I'm sorry I couldn't give ya anything definitive. Unfortunately all that's left to do is wait and hope! Good luck!
P.S. I've been trying to add you to my blogroll but I get a message that says it can't find a feed for your blog. Your link works and everything. I dun git it?? I have you on there... it just won't update when you post so I'll have to remember to check it :)

NatalieLucy said...

Thanks Meg yeah I'm pretty consistent same blankets, I temp orally in the same place. Same time 7:30am. The only thing I can think of is sometimes I wake slightly and go back to sleep. Like not fully awake but lightly. I don't temp then cause I'm still half asleep. The timing would be all wired to as I think I do at different times. I'm a very light sleeper.