Monday, January 18, 2010


I'm a bit confused with how things are going this cycle. I have had dry CM for days now and suddenly I have creamy CM. My temps have been really crazy and today I inputted my temp and I got some croshairs Od on CD12. After checking CM this morning I decided to test and use an OPK, I think it's starting to turn positive. It looks like it did when I got positives last month, there is a thin darker line to the left.

I'm also getting slight cramps like I did last month before O. So now we need to get to Bding. I'm hoping FF is wrong and I didn't O CD12 I inputted a positive OPK today and the crosshairs went away. I didn't test CD12 cause I figured I would O around the same time this month. I guess not!

So we will have to see, I hope we haven't missed our chance this month.


Meghan said...

That looks positive to me! I hope you got your homework done. :-) GL Natalie!