Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone! I'm so excited I finally have my crosshairs on Fertility Friend it says I Oed on CD20, so right now I'm 5DPO. I can't believe how excited I am that trumps all my Christmas presents. Thank you Santa for brining my little red lines to my chart. Lets hope something sticks for a new year surprise.

Wishing everyone a merry Christmas.


Lynn said...

Merry Christmas!

So glad you finally got crosshairs! I'm really excited you O'd on your own! Have you got a link to your FF chart? I'm such a chart stalker and I'd love to keep an eye on yours!

WiseGuy said...

Hey Nat,

Merry Christmas to you too....All the very best for the 2ww!

I had tried to comment on your blog a bit earlier as well, but that time, posting comments seemed to be disabled....I am so glad that it has been sorted out.

Lynn said...

Doh! Just ignore me....I found your link today. Too much turkey yesterday, I guess ;D