Monday, December 28, 2009

My temp is going down slightly over the last couple of days, I'm a bit nervous as it's getting quite close to the cover line. I'm still planning on testing New Years day I know I won't be done with my 2ww but I'm curious. Even if it comes back negative it's not over until AF arrives I'm staying optimistic. I've been really tired over the last few days, I don't normally take afternoon naps but I have. I also have lower back ache and my muscles in my legs are aching. I guess those symptoms can be put down to anything though.


[cre] said...

Oooh your symptoms sound like mine, girl! I haven't had the muscle aches so much but the sore bbs and tiredness... it's crazy!!!

I will go get myself an Early Response Test and test with you on Friday! That will be 10dpo for me ...